After a difficult start to the season Lamborghini driver Luigi Vitalio has won the United Arab Emirates Grand Prix in dominate style. The Italian started on pole and led every single lap, finishing 30 seconds ahead at the end of the race. Daniel Bruner took his second 2nd place finish of the season, while championship leader Luiz Santos finished in 3rd.

While Luigi Vitalio made a perfect start there was a lot of position fighting behind. Mikko Heininen came under pressure from Daniel Bruner and Luiz Santos, while James Malva speared into the wall. Will Spargrove's dissapointing first season with Fast Orange continued as he ran wide to the wall and knocked his front and rear wings off. The race had begun to settle down with Vitalio compfortable leading ahead of Heininen, Bruner, Barclay, Pruett, Santos, and Addison. However Niklas Shultz and Fabianio Donatelo collided, sending both drivers out of the race. Saurabh Shah had also crashed into the wall. Things began to heat up at the front as Daniel Bruner spun his Nakley to lose three postions. Mikko Heininen was unlucky to tag the spinning Nakley to lose his front wing. There was more drama for Peugeot as Ivan Pruett took too much kerb; which sent the Scottish driver flying into the concrete barrier, luckily okay.

Kurtis Villareal who had made his way up into 9th was wiped out by Kyle Aroni, ending the Canadian's day. The next incident was Jewel Barclay who suffered from an engine failure. This ended any hopes of a double podium finish for Nakley. With five laps to go it was very close for third place. Petro Vitali and Mike Nadaruk had moved up the field, only to hit the kerb and hit the same wall Ivan Pruett had.

Luigi Vitalio cruised to the finish line tp take his first win of the season, Bruner and Santos behind. Mika Salonen finished in 4th, continuing his impressive debut season run. Gus Addison finished in 5th, Jean Alaniz 6th, Alva Askew 7th, and last race winner Rico Rendon in 8th. Alvaro Magellen took his first points finish in 9th, while Nicky Espinosa secured Adepto's first ever point finish in 10th place.

Race Results

Pole Position: Luigi Vitalio
Fastest Lap: Mikko Heininen

01        Luigi Vitalio                                        Lamborghini
02        Daniel Bruner                                    Nakley-Peugeot
03        Luiz Santos                                        Lamborghini
04        Mika Salonen                                      Subaru
05        Gus Addison                                       Fast Orange-Holden
06        Jean Alaniz                                          Vagabond-Peugeot
07        Alva Askew                                          Koenigsegg-Lamborghini
08        Rico Rendon                                       Koenigsegg-Lamborghini
09        Alvaro Magellen                                   Rock Wallaby-Lamborghini
10        Nicky Espinosa                                    Adepto-Ford
11        Kyle Aroni                                            Subaru
12        Cristiano de Costa                                Vehi Cross-Subaru
13        Mikko Heininen                                     Peugeot
14        Stuart Watts                                        Adepto-Ford
DNF      Mike Nadaruk                                       BMW                                                   Crash                           DNF      Petro Vitali                                            Holden                                                Crash
DNF      Jewel Barclay                                        Nakley-Peugeot                                   Engine
DNF      Kurtis Villareal                                        Vagabond-Peugeot                              Crash
DNF      Ivan Pruett                                           Peugeot                                               Crash
DNF      Saurabh Shah                                       Vehi Cross-Subaru                                Crash
DNF      Niklas Shultz                                          BMW                                                    Crash
DNF      Fabiano Donatelo                                  Rock Wallaby-Lamborghini                    Crash
DNF      Will Spargrove                                       Fast Orange-Holden                              Crash
DNF      James Malva                                          Holden                                                  Crash

Driver Reaction

Luigi Vitalio (1st)
"I want to thank the team for their hard work over the last week. The start of my season has not been great,  so today I am very happy to take my first win of the season. The car handled the best it has ever had, truly execptional. Unfortuently I have to wait until next Sunday at South Africa to drive it. Really I think our car should be very, very competitive there, so watch out Nakley and Fast Orange ".

Daniel Bruner (2nd)
"I am happy with second place today, we did the best we could. I think Luigi was in a league of his own today so well done to him. We had a couple of incidents and I think Heininen hit me when I spun. I think after today we should be happy with this, and we are not looking too shabby in the championship".

Luiz Santos (3rd)
"I feel a bit frustrated with today, third is great, and great for Luigi to win for the team, but some of the driving today was poor. I was nearly hit by Salonen, and then again by Barclay. I struggled a lot wth the car today and it was very difficult to stay ahead of other cars as they would just barge you nearly into the wall. Luigi had a good race and the car handled great for him, but not really for me. I think today we are lucky to finishing here in third, I expect better pace at Kyalami for sure".

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