A number of teams have been the latest to reveal their driver lineups, with some noticeable changes. Along with driver changes, there are engine changes. Hyundai will enter the series with Sagittarius Cat Racing, while Ford will also supply two teams; in Adepto and Tremblay.

Updated Season Eight lineup:

Mozilla Fast Orange-Holden
  • 01    Gus Addison
  • 02    Will Spargrove

Nakley Racing Team-Peugeot
  • 03    Daniel Bruner
  • 04    Jewel Barclay

Team Lamborghini
  • 05    Luiz Santos
  • 06    Luigi Vitalio

Total Peugeot Team
  • 07    Mikko Heininen
  • 08    Ivan Pruett

555 Subaru Racing
  • 09    Kyle Aroni
  • 10    Mika Salonen

Koenigsegg Grand Prix Racing-Lamborghini
  • 11    Rico Rendon
  • 12    Alva Askew

BMW Motorsports Petronas
  • 14    Petro Vitali
  • 15    Ben Beltmeister

Vagabond CAT GPC-Peugeot
  • 16    Jean Alaniz
  • 17    Jeffery Crowe

Adepto Engineering-Ford
  • 18    Nicky Espinosa
  • 19    Stuart Watts

Rock Wallaby Racing-Lamborghini
  • 20    TBD
  • 21    TBD

Vehi Cross GP-Subaru
  • 22    Mike Nadaruk
  • 23    Anthony Clarke

HSBC Tremblay Team-Ford
  • 24    Refugio Boyer
  • 25    Dylan Moreau

Sagittarius Cat Racing-Hyundai
  • 26    Cristiano de Costa
  • 27    Alvaro Magellen


* Ben Beltmeister, Anthony Clarke, and Dylan Moreau will all make their Grand Prix debuts next season.

* Rock Wallaby are yet to make an announcement of what drivers they will have next season. For the last two seasons, Rock Wallaby have had a complete new driver lineup; so perhaps two new drivers will also make their debuts.

* Petronas becomes BMW's title sponsor, in addition to hiring Petro Vitali and Ben Beltmeister.

* Jeffery Crowe moves to Vagabond, after half a season with Vehi Cross.

* Vehi Cross have announced an all new driver lineup. Mike Nadaruk has left BMW to join the team , while Anthony Clarke is hired.

* Refugio Boyer returns to the series after a season absence with Tremblay. Dylan Moreau is hired, completing an all French line-up.

* Cristiano de Costa and Alvaro Magellen, leaves Vehi Cross and Rock Wallaby;to join Sagittarius Cat Racing.

The season will start in less then two weeks.

10th February, 2012
Subaru revealed

11th February, 2012
Nakley revealed
Vagabond revealed

12th February, 2012
Lamborghini revealed
BMW revealed

13th February, 2012
Adepto revealed
Peugeot revealed
Tremblay revealed

14th February, 2012
Koenigsegg revealed
Vehi Cross revealed

15th February, 2012
Wet testing at Bahrain
Dry testing at Bahrain

17th February, 2012
Season Eight commences - Round 1 Australia

* Rock Wallaby and Sagittarius Cat Racing are yet o reveal their launch date.

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