It has been confirmed that Saurabh Shah has been fired from Vehi Cross ahead of next weekends Portuguese Grand Prix. Fast Orange and Vehi Cross test driver Jeffery Crowe will replace him.

Saurabh Shah has had a difficult season, being beaten by his teamate Cristiano de Costa in every race. Vehi Cross management were also said to be 'appaled' by his driving.

"Unfortuently my results were not good enough to keep racing for Vehi Cross. I'm not sure what I will do now, but yes it is sad, my dream had ended", explained Shah.

German dfriver Jeffery Crowe however will be exited to make his debut, having been a Fast Orange young driver for the past six seasons. Jeffery Crowe was teamates Gus Addison inn a junior series under the name of Fast Gold, taking three wins to Addison's four.

"I was surprised when I was told I had the chance to race for Vehi Cross. I look forward to the race and am very eager to show my p

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