Luiz Santos has won his fifth Australian Grand Prix in a chaotic race. Luigi Vitalio started on pole, though was bet to the first corner by his teamate Luiz Santos. Mika Salonen crashed his Subaru in the first lap, however continued on to run into Stuart Watts front wing; ending the Adepto driver's race.

There was more chaos to come as Mikko Heininen spun his Peugeot infront of Will Spargrove, Nicky Espinosa, and Jewel Barclay; destroying their front wings. It was heartbreak for Kyle Aroni as his Subaru suffered from a break failure while in third place. Santos maintained a eight second gap throughout the whole race to Gus Addison who had made his way up into 2nd. Kurtis Villareal took a career first podium, while his Vagabond teamate Jean Alanizn finished in 4th. Petro Vitali finished in 5th, Daniel Bruner 6th, and Mike Nadaruk finishing in 7th. Fabiano Donatelo scored his first points for Rock Wallaby in 8th, while Jewel Barclay and Mikko Heininen round out the top 10.

Race Results

Pole Position: Luigi Vitalio
Fastest Lap: Luzi Santos

01        Luiz Santos                         Lamborghini
02        Gus Addison                        Fast Orange-Holden
03        Kurtis Villareal                       Vagabond-Peugeot
04        Jean Alaniz                           Vagabond-Peugeot
05        Petro Vitali                           Holden
06        Daniel Bruner                       Nakley-Peugeot
07        Mike Nadaruk                       BMW
08        Fabiano Donatelo                 Rock Wallaby-Lamborghini
09        Jewel Barclay                       Nakley-Peugeot
10        Mikko Heininen                     Peugeot
11        Cristiano de Costa                Vehi Cross-Subaru
12        Mika Salonen                        Subaru
13        Saurabh Shah                      Vehi Cross-Subaru
14        James Malva                         Holden
DNF      Luigi Vitalio                           Lamborghini                                           Crash
DNF      Niklas Shultz                         BMW                                                      Engine Failure
DNF      Alva Askew                           Koenigsegg-Lamborghini                        Engine Failure
DNF      Will Spargrove                      Fast Orange-Holden                                Crash
DNF      Rico Rendon                         Koenigsegg-Lamborghini                        Brake Failure
DNF      Nicky Espinosa                      Adepto-Ford                                           Crash
DNF      Kyle Aroni                              Subaru                                                   Brake Failure
DNF       Ivan Pruett                           Peugeot                                                 Crash                          
DNF      Alvaro Magellen                      Rock Wallaby-Lamborghini                      Crash
DNF      Stuart Watts                          Adepto-Ford                                           Crash

Driver Reaction

Luiz Santos (1st)
"I managed to make a good start to pass Luigi, who I think bogged down a bit. I wasn't to sure what was happening behind me, but when I wen't on my second lap there were cars pitting and parked everywhere. I managed to keep ahead of Addison, but didn't want to push to much. I think today's race was all about finishing, I'm happy to do that and take my fifth win in Australia".

Gus Addison (2nd)
Fast Orange-Holden
"It was a pretty crazy race and I think I was lucky not to be hit in the first lap. I moved up to 2nd due to oher drivers pulling out, however I don't think we had the pace to challenge Lamborghini today. I'm happy with second place, however we really need to improve out Qualifying pace. I look forward to China".

Kurtis Villareal (3rd)
"I'm absolutly estatic to take my first podium in GPC. The first few laps were carnage and we ere lucky, but took the advantage to finish where we did. It feel's like such a breakthrough to take my first podium, and I really hope we can carry this over to next week".

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