Luiz Santos has started of the Season Eight championship in style, after winning the Japanese Grand Prix. The Lamborghini driver made most of an early move on pole sitter Gus Addison; and took control of the race from then on.

Reigning world champion Gus Addison started on pole and held off Luiz Santos and Mikko Heininen at the start. Addison looked in control as he led Santos, Heininen, Barclay, Espinosa, and Beltmeister through the early stages of the race. Meanwhile further down the field, Vitalio, Bruner and Spargrove were struggling to pass slower cars.

Mike Nadaruk's race came to an end as his Vehi Cross pulled over to the side from a suspected gearbox failure. Vehi Cross' woes continued as Anthony Clarke fell a whole minute behind 21st placed Dylan Moreau.

Meanwhile at the front it was evident that Luiz Santos was catching Gus Addison. The Brazilian was soon to get into Addison's slipstream and easily pass him on the pit straight. Gus Addison was also soon demoted to third; as he was passed my Mikko Heininen. Ivan Pruett had also made his way up into fourth; so things were looking good for Peugeot. Daniel Bruner and Will Spargrove finally managed to pass the Adepto of Stuart Watts, and moved themselves into the points. Unfortunately Luigi Vitalio had no such luck and instead spun himself into the path of Petro Vitali.

After starting from pole and leading the early stages of the race; disaster struck for Gus Addison. The Fast Orange driver spun into the gravel from a brake failure. There were no such drama's for Luiz Santos has he crossed the finish line to take the first win of the season. The Peugeot pair of Mikko Heininen and Ivan completed the podium. Jewel Barclay led home an impressive Ben Beltmeister who finished 5th in his first race. Jean Alaniz finished in 6th, ahead of Rico Rendon in 7th. Daniel Bruner, Will Spargrove, and Alva Askew completed the top ten.

Race Results

Pole Position: Gus Addison
Fastest Lap: Will Spargrove

01        Luiz Santos                            Lamborghini
02        Mikko Heininen                        Peugeot
03        Ivan Pruett                            Peugeot
04        Jewel Barclay                         Nakley-Peugeot
05        Ben Beltmeister                       BMW
06        Jean Alaniz                             Vagabond-Peugeot
07        Rico Rendon                           Koenigsegg-Lamborghini
08        Daniel Bruner                          Nakley-Peugeot
09        Will Spargrove                         Fast Orange-Holden
10        Alva Askew                             Koenigsegg-Lamborghini
11        Luigi Vitalio                             Lamborghini
12        Stuart Watts                           Adepto-Ford
13        Petro Vitali                              BMW
14        Kyle Aroni                               Subaru
15        Jeffery Crowe                          Vagabond-Peugeot
16        Mika Salonen                           Subaru
17        Nicky Espinosa                         Adepto-Ford
18        Refugio Boyer                          Tremblay-Ford
19        Dylan Moreau                          Tremblay-Ford
20        Anthony Clarke                        Vehi Cross-Subaru
DNF      Gus Addison                            Fast Orange-Holden            Brakes
DNF      Mike Nadaruk                           Vehi Cross-Subaru              Gearbox

Driver Reaction

Luiz Santos (1st)
"An exceptional win for the team today. We pushed Addison and I passed him on the pit straight. Last season we had difficulty at this track, so today we have made amends. The race was really good, and for sure it is the best possible way to start the new season".

Mikko Heininen (2nd)
"I really felt the car today, as lap after lap I could go faster. Honestly we probably had the best car today; it's just unfortunate the laps ran out to pass Luiz for the lead. However Ivan and myself are both on the podium, and it has lifted our spirits and hunger for wins. I am looking forward to next race".

Ivan Pruett (3rd)
"The car I drove today was one of the best I have driven in my entire career. I had messages over the radio telling me I was the fastest driver on track, and like Mikko I felt the car too. I was able to pass a lot of cars today. If we can work on our qualifying pace, then yes, we can take wins. Because today I was very impressed with our race pace".

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