Reigning world champion Luiz Santos has been handed a one race ban following his collision in the South African Grand Prix. The Brazilian spun his Lamborghini into the wall before pulling out infront of Stuart Watts; causing a multi car pile up.

Luiz Santos will be forced to sit out of next weekends French Grand Prix; providing a blow for his championship hopes. Lamborghini test driver Gene Lund will replace him. Gene Lund raced in GPC for the last six seasons, before failing to find a drive for this season.

"I wan't to express my full aplogies to every one who was affected by the incident I had caused. After my initial crash I thought I could get back onto track, however made contact with Stuart Watts. I accept the stewards decision and therfor will sit out of the French Grand Prix", explained Santos.

This comes after Luiz Santos critisized many drivers after last weeks UAE Grand Prix. Many drivers were thought to be shocked and dissapointed with Santos' actions during the race.

"I think the ban is fair. He may be a three time world champion but that error today defiently deserves a race ban or more", said Nicky Espinosa.

"I was racing and then suddenly he pulled put in front of me. That was my race over and it was very dangerous. If it was up to me I would exclude him from the championship", said Stuart Watts.

"We were all very lucky not to be injured, and when he returns from his ban he has a lot to prove, three world titles or not", said Petro Vitali.

However some drivers belive the ban is too harsh.

"There have been many incidents but no race bans. Now suddenly they are baning drivers, so I think the stewards should first explian the rule before banning", said Kyle Aroni.

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