After seven seasons, Kyle Aroni has taken his first ever win in the series. The Italian driver and Subaru had taken full advantage of the opportunity that had arisen during the United States Grand Prix. This ensured the teams first ever 1-2 finish, with Mika Salonen behind his teammate.

Luiz Santos had started from pole, however came from and early threat from Ivan Pruett. Pruett was very eager to take first place, however instead spun his Peugeot. Things got even worse for Pruett as he knocked his front wing off. Luiz Santos continued to lead and build a ten second gap over the impressive Subaru's of Kyle Aroni and Mika Salonen. Further down the field, Nicky Espinosa's race came to an end; as the Adepto's driver spun into a wall. There was even more carnage as Luigi Vitalio hit fifth placed Stuart Watts. This resulted in a spin for the Italian, and furthermore knocking the front wing off Kurtis Villareal.

This promoted Addison into sixth, Barclay into seventh, and Heininen into eighth. Meanwhile Daniel Bruner continued to close in on the Subaru's, as Luiz Santos moved away into the lead. However things were about to change drastically, as heavy clouds moved over the circuit. This soon turned into heavy rain. Gus Addison made a costly mistake trying to pass Stuart Watts; Jewel Barclay had no where to go and had his front wing wiped off. Barclay went straight to the pits and pitted for wet tyres. Many drivers responded, however carnage erupted in the pits. Race leader Luiz Santos raced into the pits, however aquaplaned into the wall; ending his race. The Subaru pair of Kyle Aroni and Mika Salonen also chose to pit, closely followed by Daniel Bruner. Salonen came had the better pit stop and led Aroni and Bruner out of the pits.

Watts, Vitalio, Alaniz, and Crowe all crashed out during their pit stops. As the rain worsened, James Malva and Ivan Pruett pitted, opting for monsoon tyres. The race had changed drastically, with Salonen, Aroni and Bruner fighting for the lead. Mika Salonen made a mistake and was demoted to third. Meanwhile down the field James Malva and Ivan Pruett were flying on their monsoon tyres.

Unfortunately for Ivan Pruett, his race cam to and end for yet another gearbox failure. At the front of the field, Salonen made a fantastic move on Bruner; as Kyle Aroni maintained his lead. Nerves were clear in the Subaru garage, however finally released as Kyle Aroni crossed the line to take his first ever victory. Mika Salonen held into 2nd, making it a perfect result for the Japanese team. Championship contender Daniel Bruner finished third, ahead of a late charge from James Malva. Mikko Heininen claimed 4th, ahead of Rendon, Spargrove, Barclay, and Addison. Petro Vitali who was in the last by the end of the first lap, finished in 10th.

Addison, Bruner, Heininen, Santos, and Vitalio all have a mathematical chance of taking the championship with only two rounds to go. However if Gus Addison finishes ahead of all his rivals in Brazil, he will be champion.

Race Results

01        Kyle Aroni                                Subaru
02        Mika Salonen                            Subaru
03        Daniel Bruner                            Nakley-Peugeot
04        James Malva                             Holden
05        Mikko Heininen                          Peugeot
06        Rico Rendon                             Koenigsegg-Lamborghini
07        Will Spargrove                           Fast Orange-Holden
08        Jewel Barclay                             Nakley-Peugeot
09        Gus Addison                              Fast Orange-Holden
10        Petro Vitali                                 Holden
11        Alva Askew                                Koenigsegg-Lamborghini
12        Alvaro Magellen                          Rock Wallaby-Lamborghini
13        Niklas Shultz                               BMW
14        Fabiano Donatelo                       Rock Wallaby-Lamborghini
15        Cristiano de Costa                      Vehi Cross-Subaru
DNF      Ivan Pruett                                Peugeot                                            Gearbox   
DNF      Luigi Vitalio                                 Lamborghini                                      Accident
DNF      Jean Alaniz                                 Vagabond-Peugeot                           Accident
DNF      Luiz Santos                                Lamborghini                                      Accident
DNF      Stuart Watts                              Adepto-Ford                                     Accident
DNF      Jeffery Crowe                             Vehi Cross-Subaru                            Accident
DNF      Mike Nadaruk                              BMW                                                Accident
DNF      Kurtis Villareal                              Vagabond-Peugeot                           Accident
DNF      Nicky Espinosa                            Adepto-Ford                                     Accident

Driver Reaction

Kyle Aroni (1st)
"You know, I'm just absolutely overjoyed about today, we just made the right decisions and it worked. I never thought I would get here where I am today, so my heart and thank you's go out to the team for their support. When Santos crashed the team told me "Kyle you are leading!", and I thought is it really true. Mika passed me, however I passed him again. I am so happy, and I congratulate the team on this very well deserved result".

Mika Salonen (2nd)
"This is an awesome result for the team, and I am just so happy to be apart of it. Congratulations to Kyle as it is a very well deserved win for him. Unfortunately I made a mistake while I had my turn in the lead. However after today I know more chances will arise. The team have done a great job this season".

Daniel Bruner (3rd)
"First of all congrats to Kyle and the Subaru team for the win today. My race wasn't bad, and unfortuently I was stuck behind one of the Adepto's in the early stages of the race which cost me a fair bit of time. I was able to close back up on these guys and have a crazy fight for the lead with them. Overall I really enjoyed the race today, it was very exiting for the fans I'm sure ".

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