Grand Prix Championship is set to eneter it's seventh season in the next few weeks. All the teams have signed their drivers and engines and are thought to be ready to start racing.

The team and driver lineup as follows:

01 Luiz Santos
02 Luigi Vitalio

Fast Orange-Holden
03 Gus Addison
04 Will Spargrove

05 Mikko Heininen
06 Ivan pruett

07 Kyle Aroni
08 Mika Salonen

09 Jewel Barclay
10 Daniel Bruner

11 Kurtis Villareal
12 Jean Alaniz

14 Mike Nadaruk
15 Niklas Shultz

Rock Wallaby-Peugeot
16 Alvaro Magellen
17 Fabian Dontatelo

18 Petro Vitali
19 James Malva

20 Alva Askew
21 Rico Rendon

Vehi Cross-Subaru
22 Cristiano de Costa
23 Saurabh Shah

24 Ni

Rock Wallaby racing have finally confirmed their race drivers for Season Seven. Portuguese driver Alvaro Magellen will make his debut alongside Italian Fabiano Donatelo. With no spots left, this means that Tom Vennel and James Gasson will be left without a drive for the upcoming season. The Rock Wallaby boss was said to be exited about the signing of the rookie pair.
The official Grand Prix Championship websiite has gone live!