Luigi Vitalio has dominated the Portuguese Grand Prix from pole position, maintaining his lead for the whole race. The Lamborghini driver now brings himself within 14 points of championship leader, Gus Addison. Vitalio led home Daniel Bruner and Gus Addison to the chequered flag.

Luigi Vitalio made a clean get away off the line, as did every other driver. Gus Addison was immedietly harrasing Ivan Pruett, however was squeezed nearly into the wall. Rock Wallaby and Portuguese driver Alvaro Magellen's race came to an end as he suffered a brake failure, to the displeasure of the fans. Meanwhile Vitalio continued to build his lead over Daniel Bruner and Will Spargrove.

James Malva and Niklas Shultz were soon to collide, both having to pit for new front wings. Championship contender Luiz Santos was frustrated to make contact with a backmarker, wiping off the Brazilians front wing. The next accident to happen involved Mika Salonen who speared into the wall, ending the Subaru drivers race.

Luigi Vitalio continued the extend his lead, with Bruner behind. The battle for the final podium spot begun to heat up between Spargrove, Addison, and Heininen. However Mikko Heininen's gearbox failed, to the delight of Gus Addison. However Addison was soon to come under pressure from his teamate, Spargrove got into the slipstream and passed Addison on the main straight. Addison was soon to respond diving up into the inside of Spargrove, retaking third place.

Luigi Vitalio cruised to the finish line to take his third win of the season, ahead of the Nakley of Daniel Bruner. Gus Addison held off his Fast Orange teamate to take third. Ivan Pruett finished in 5th, Jewel Barclay 6th, Kyle Aroni 7th, and Rico Rendon 8th. The Vagabond pair of Jean Alaniz and Kurtis Villareal finished 9th and 10th.

Race Results

01        Luigi Vitalio                                        Lamborghini                                           
02        Daniel Bruner                                    Nakley-Peugeot
03        Gus Addison                                      Fast Orange-Holden
04        Will Spargrove                                   Fast Orange-Holden
05        Ivan Pruett                                        Peugeot
06        Jewel Barclay                                     Nakley-Peugeot
07        Kyle Aroni                                           Subaru
08        Rico Rendon                                      Koenigsegg-Lamborghini
09        Jean Alaniz                                          Vagabond-Peugeot
10        Kurtis Villareal                                       Vagabond-Peugeot
11        Mike Nadaruk                                       BMW
12        Petro Vitali                                            Holden
13        Nicky Espinosa                                     Adepto-Ford
14        Alva Askew                                           Koenigsegg-Lamborghini
15        Luiz Santos                                           Lamborghini
16        Stuart Watts                                         Adepto-Ford
17        Fabiano Donatelo                                  Rock Wallaby-Lamborghini
18        Jeffery Crowe                                        Vehi Cross-Subaru
19        Cristiano de Costa                                  Vehi Cross-Subaru
20        Niklas Shultz                                           BMW
21        James Malva                                          Holden
DNF      Mikko Heininen                                       Peugeot                                             Gearbox
DNF      Mike Salonen                                          Subaru                                               Accident
DNF      Alvaro Magellen                                      Rock Wallaby-Lamborghini                  Brakes

Driver Reaction

Luigi Vitalio (1st)
"The car was unbelievable today, every lap I could go faster; it shows how much dominance we have. The race win today is important for me as it has given me a boost for the championship. It's my third win, but funnily they have all come after a retirement in the last race. The next few races whould suit our car very well".

Daniel Bruner (2nd)
"In the last couple of races we haven't had much luck, so today is good for myself and the team. It was dissapointing to miss out on pole by barely nothing, however Luigi had incredble race pace today. I look forward to what we can do at Silverstone".

Gus Addison (3rd)
Fast Orange-Holden
"Third is great result for us today, we seemed to lack pace, especially on the straights which was unusual. Another podium means I still lead the championship, but we need to improve our qualifying perforamce, where drivers like Luigi and Daniel seem to go very well at".

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