Gus Addison and Fast Orange have won the season opener Japanese Grand Prix in a spectacular race to the finish. Lamborghini had dominated qualifying, with Luiz Santos ahead 0f his teamate Luigii Vitalio; however in the race the Italian team struggled.
Santos had lead the early stages of the race, until Daniel Bruner's Nakley passed both Lamborghini's to take first place. Gus Addison was also making up places, eventually making his way into second place. As Bruner and Addison built a strong lead, a hectic fight for the final podium started between the Lamborghini's, Peugeot's, Mika Salonen, and Jewel Barclay.

With five laps to go Gus Addison was vastly catching the Nakley of Daniel Bruner, however was not able to pass. With one lap to go, Addison ensured he was right at the back of Bruner heading onto the main and final straight. Leading almost every lap of the race Nakley were dissapointed to be beaten to the line in a reord breaking 0.075 seconds. Fast Orange and Addison cheered over the radio to win the first race of the season and their fourth win in Japan. Mikko Heininen completed the podium in his Peugeot, ahead of the pole sitter Luiz Santos, and Luigi vitalio. Mika Salonen finished in a well deserved sixth place on his debut race.

Race Results

Pole Position: Luiz Santos
Fastest Lap: Gus Addison

01        Gus Addison                Fast Orange-Holden
02        Daniel Bruner               Nakley-Peugeot
03        Mikko Heininen             Peugeot
04        Luiz Santos                  Lamborghini
05        Luigi Vitalio                   Lamborghini
06        Mika Salonen                Subaru
07        Jewel Barclay                Nakley-Peugeot
08        Ivan Pruett                   Peugeot
09        Mike Nadaruk                BMW
10        Will Spargrove              Fast Orange-Holden
11        Kurtis Villareal                Vagabond-Peugeot
12        Petro Vitali                     Holden
13        Jean Alaniz                    Vagabond-Peugeot
14        Alva Askew                    Koenigsegg-Lamborghini
15        Kyle Aroni                      Subaru
16        Niklas Shultz                   BMW
17        Rico Rendon                  Koenigsegg-lamborghini
18        Fabiano Donatelo           Rock Wallaby-Lamborghini
19        Alvaro Magellen              Rock Wallaby-Lamborghini
20        Cristiano de Costa          Vehi Cross-Subaru
21        Nicky Espinosa               Adepto-Ford
DNF      James Malva                  Holden
DNF      Stuart Watts                  Adepto-Ford
DNF      Saurabh Shah                Vehi Cross-Subaru

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